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App generation: .Net AngularJS BLUAGE

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About This Course

Welcome to the Generating rich client applications training course!

This training course is designed for consultants, architects, and developers. It teaches how to model and generate a rich client application using Blu Age with a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach.

During this training, you will get familiar with Blu Age Forward environment by building an enterprise application step-by-step. You will define/create the Platform Independent Model (PIM) of a business application, then perform application's generations.


This training course is comprised of videos that will focus on the key concepts of application development with Blu Age, and you will use a virtual machine that is located on the cloud environment for your hands-on practice.

Hands-on exercises included: Application modeling and generation to .NET + AngularJS.

Learning objectives

  • Learning how to model a rich client application in order to generate it with the Blu Age Forward generator;
  • Improving the knowledge of UML through hands-on labs leading to the application's generation;
  • Understanding and learning the Blu Age Methodology.


The prerequisites include hands-on experience in .NET development, a basic knowledge of UML 2.X and HTML, and at least 6 months experience on Visual Studio.

Course Staff

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Walter Evan Wedgeworth

Evan Wedgeworth joined Blu Age Corporation after graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas n Computer Science. He is a Blu Age Consultant based out of the Plano, Texas office. He specializes in the modernization of Visual Basic legacy applications to a .NET + AngularJS architecture.

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    Jan 20, 2016